inTex | Marine Canvas Software

Powerful software built to meet the unique needs of the marine canvas industry

This software was born out of necessity. In 1999, Justin Jones founded Sewlong Custom Covers. As the business grew, the need for digital management of the business became evident. While searching for the perfect solution, he played around with 'out of the box' CRMs such as Salesforce, but found them far too rigid - forcing him to change his business practices to make it fit. After searching far and wide, he began to build a simple database using Apple's FileMaker platform. After honing his development skills over the years, inTex has evolved substantially from its first iteration. By combining deep industry knowledge with excellent developers, we have designed a cross-platform software solution that is powerful, adaptable, and built specifically for marine canvas shops.

We are currently running this solution in our own marine canvas shop - Sewlong Custom Covers - and look forward to releasing to the public during the summer of 2016 once our beta testing phase is complete. Please contact us at for more information or to pre-order.


Manage all your customer’s information in one place. Track and build estimates, orders, invoices, and projects, and view details about their contacts and boats.


Store all teammate information. Assign tasks based on skills, priorities, and departments. Time tracking is used for payroll and efficiency analytics.


Keep track of material inventory, available styles, vendors, and ordering history. Quickly place orders via the online web portal or emailing a purchase order.


Keep track of all the patterns and boats you have worked with. Continuously add new patterns as needed. Cross reference what patterns belong to each boat.


Create projects from scratch or templates. Change the project’s status as it moves from an estimate to completion. Create invoices to send to clients with photos of their project.


Increase efficiency by building custom templates in order to easily create new projects that are pre-populated with time and materials, specific tasks, etc.


Client Details

View, change, and navigate to client contacts, records, invoices, crafts, and notes

Item Details

Items allow you to create 'templates' for work that is done frequently, allowing you to quickly create a new project and estimate labor and materials

Material Styles

Select the style for each material to apply to your 'item template'

Record Details

View, edit, and navigate to all the details of a record

Project Materials

See what materials are being used on a specific project

Vendor Details

View and edit vendor details and place a purchase order