inEvent | VIP Event Management Software

Powerful and flexible software built specifically to increase efficiency in VIP events

This software has been used in such high profile events as the European World Cup, Olympic Games, and Sundance Film Festival. It has been updated and refined continuously, and has evolved into a fully integrated software to manage and track all aspects of running a major event. The software is built on the FileMaker platform, allowing for a powerful and complex database back-end with a user-friendly GUI.

Custom Reports

With custom reports we can export all the information to easily digestible reports. We provide many helpful pre-made reports, but we can quickly and easily add custom reports and excel exports for easy content extraction.


Keep track of every aspect of your guest’s itinerary with one view – instead of letting it become a nightmare. From one page you can view a guest’s basic contact information, flight schedule, activities, housing information, custom notes, transfers as well as invoice and payment information.


Activities lets you keep track of anything else for your guest, such as movies, excursions, or dining. You can set a maximum and minimum, location, the cost for the guest, your cost, and individual prices for each guest if you need that amount of control.

Online Registration

Collecting guest information doesn’t have to be a pain. With online registration, you’ll be able to collect all the information you need without lifting a finger. Since the guest will be entering the info themselves, there’s much less chance of data entry errors.


Tracking flights can be a tricky thing, but our system makes it easy. You can easily see who is on a specific flight and even check them in using an iPhone or iPad. You can also see if they’ve been picked up at the airport so everyone on your team knows who’s been checked in or not, making sure no one falls through the cracks.


Keeping track of employees can be just as important as keeping track of your guests. You can assign shifts, track hours, store documents and information and send text messages directly to their phone from multiple places in the database.

Real Time Data

With real time data sharing, you’ll wonder how you ever made do with static spreadsheets. Real time data makes it easy to collaborate with your team and keep track of who added what.


With powerful tools that keep track of your room blocks, when you’ve over booked or how many you have available, it’s a piece of cake to keep track of your guest’s housing. Each person in the party is assigned the same room but also leaves enough flexibility so that you can split parties up into separate rooms.


Transfers are probably the most difficult thing to keep track of as it’s related to activities, flights, guests, activities and employees. Our system allows you to create transfers from any flight or activity and can easily be scheduled one-way or round trip. You can also manually schedule a transfer with as many stops as you want.


Activities List

Sortable, searchable list of all activities that your guests could register for

Day at a Glance

Manage workflow efficiently with drag and drop scheduling that is quickly organized

Flight Details

View details of each guest's flights and use our built in tracker to ensure nobody get left behind

Guest Details

All information about your guests is neatly organized with links to their flights, activities, housing, transportation, and more

Home Screen

Your dashboard for quick access to everything you need to manage your event

Week at a Glance

Take a long-range view of your event in order to ensure smooth execution